Does girls can screen printing?

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Great Girls make great T-shirt!

In this video a screen printing lab is invaded by a group of young girls!


Make up, not War…the birth

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Here there’s some photos of the Arise lab during the printing process.

Arise. the lab

"make up not war" printed


Make Love, not War

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This is a T-shirt taken from a beautiful collection by eSyok, called Make Love, not War.

Here you will find the website.

shirt MAKE LOVE NOT WAR PEACE Mens cool T-Shirt

Make up, not War…where does it come from

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This is a beautiful book of graphic design called The Design of Dissent.

Inside there is the original advertisement where Arise took inspiration for its last work: Make up, not War.

Here you can find the image of the original work, by Igor Avzner.